“Actually, I want to thank YOU for setting me up with this LLC and for recommending the trustee.  This is by far the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my investment life.

When I left my previous employer I rolled over my 401K into the self-directed IRA, and since I had always contributed the max, it was a good chunk.  I’ve averaged over 9% annually, mostly through private lending.

I’ve heard so many horror stories from people with self-directed IRAs… custodians charging them a fee every time they want to make an investment, delays so long that the deal falls apart while the custodian micro manages every detail of the investment, etc.  So when people start whining about their self-directed IRA’s, I just say, “Well, you just didn’t do it the right way, that’s all!”.  And then I email them your contact info and the contact info for my custodian.

Thank God that Congress has not yet acted to “protect” us from self-directed IRAs.  Maybe they’ve been too busy planning how to mandate that all our retirement funds be invested in Treasury bonds.”

Matt Taylor – Weare, NH